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Your Deck Of Destiny Cards Questions Answered By It’s Creator – Craig Miller

Craig Miller Review From Gotham Club

This is why I’m glad I’m not a big time dating Guru:

Over the last couple of days I’ve been telling you about the DeckofDestiny from Craig Miller of Gotham Dating Club.

I checked in with Craig yesterday and he asked if you could do him a favor.

Leave him alone!

Just kidding, you see, in the days since DoD launched, Craig has been swamped by calls to his customer support staff.

In fact, in just 24 hours he logged over 702 calls.

So to give his customers service team a little breathing room he sent me a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started…

Q: What’s so special about the Deck-of-Destiny…how can a deck of cards get women into bed?

A: The reason why these cards work isn’t because of the cards themselves. It’s because of the questions printed on them. They come from a famous sociology experiment, and while I don’t have space to go over all the details (You can hear the full story here) the short story is that they recruited a bunch of college students and had them ask each other these questions.

And by the time the experiment was over almost all of these students were dating and hooking up with each other. 

Q: How can I used these cards…I’m terrified of talking to women.

A: That’s the beauty of the Deck-of-Destiny. It takes all of the stress and anxiety out of approaching. You just roll up and ask if they want to play. Nothing can go wrong, because you’re NOT hitting on them. They either play or say “No thanks” making it perfect for shy guys who want to build up their confidence.

And guess what? Because the Deck-of-Destiny is a type of personality test (Something most women are addicted to) there’s almost a 100% chance they will say yes.

Q: I want to get this…but what’s it really like to play this game with women?

A: It’s a lot of fun actually. And I’ll tell you something else, I’ve been testing the DoD for about 3 years now and what usually happens is that you approach a group of women, ask if they want to play and…by the time you’re done there is always one girl left behind who’s stroking your leg and wanting to know more about you.

Q: I’d love to get the Deck-of-Destiny but that means I’ll have to carry a deck of cards everywhere I go.

A: Don’t worry I’ve already thought about this, which is why I’ve had an app version of the game made. And when you get your deck I’ll throw in this app for nothing. This way, instead of having to carry the cards around, you just whip out your phone and ask if she wants to see something cool.

Q: Are you really giving away the DoD for nothing?

A: Yep, there are no catches of hidden fees and I’ll be honest with you. Believe it or not, these cards take just a couple of cents to print which is why I am giving them away for just a couple of dollars (This is to cover shipping and handling)

End of Q&A

 Hopefully this answers your questions and one more thing before I go…

Craig also wanted you to know that if you order the Deck-of-Destiny today he’ll throw in a couple of extra bonuses.

Is he crazy of what?

No, he’s just a guy who gives a damn about you improving your love life.

Here’s where to get the Deck-of-Destiny for Nothing.


P.S. One more question:

What if the Deck-of-Destiny doesn’t work?

These cards are 100% guaranteed for 60 days. So in the highly unlikely event of them not working for you, just contact Craig and he will give you a full refund.

       Go here to see the details of this deal
gotham club card game craig miller review

craig miller card game by gotham club review

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